Welcome to JALT's Associate Member Information Center.

JALT looks forward to working with you. This site is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. If there is anything you cannot find here please contact the JALT Business Manager or the Associate Member Liaison at our Tokyo office.

More detailed information is available for:

  • Associate Membership Information
  • Advertising Information
  • Annual International Conference Information
  • Associate Member Meeting Information

  • News/Updates

    Recent/Upcoming Event:

    Jul 26 | Booth Allocation for all Associate Members (from 11:00 am JST)
    Jul 28 | Associate Member Meeting in Tokyo (12:00-15:00)
    Aug 31 | Deadline for the Booth Application Form and EME Participation Form
    Nov 17 | EME Set Up from 2pm to 7pm (Epochal Tsukuba)
    Nov 18-19| The Educational Materials Exhibition from 9am to 6pm

    Recent messages sent to Associate Members:

    Annual International Conference

    Jul 13| EME Booth Allocation Phase 3 (Silver Sponsor) July 19-25
    Jul 20| EME Booth Allocation Phase 4 (All AM) July 26
    Jul 25| Agenda for the AM Meeting on July 28
    Aug 07| EME Participation Form and other info for the EME and Conference
    Aug 17| AM Meeting Minutes (Draft) and AM List for the Handbook

    Regional Conference
    Feb 1| PanSIG2017 Associate Member Invitation to attend
    Feb 20| CALL2017 Conference Associate Member Invitation
    Feb 22| ER SIG Sponsorship opportunities for 2017
    Feb 24| Invitation to Business Communication SIG Event
    Mar 28| Invitation to CUE ESP Symposium 2017

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