EME Pricing

Booth Space

Includes 1 table, 2 chairs, and electricity.
Type A (4.0m2 / 2.0mx2.0m) 95,000 yen
Type B (7.0m2 / 2.0mx3.5m) 119,000 yen
Type C (8.0m2 / 2.0mx4.0m) 127,000 yen

Additional Booth Space:

Includes one of the below units of floor space.
Excludes any furnishings.
Type A (4.0m2 / 2.0mx2.0m) 32,000 yen
Type B (7.0m2 / 2.0mx3.5m) 56,000 yen
Type C (8.0m2 / 2.0mx4.0m) 64,000 yen

 * The full price will be charged for types B & C regardless of space usage.


Panel (Large):

5,000 yen each
Size | approx. 90cm (width) x 210cm (height)

Panel (Small):

2,500 yen each
Size | approx. 45cm (width) x 210cm (height)
Spec| Regular aluminum frame with white plastic surface.

* Please use pins but do NOT use tape and/or magic tape


2,500 yen each
Size | 180cm (width) x 60cm (depth) x 70cm (height)
Size | 150cm (width) x 60cm (depth) x 70cm (height)
Spec| 30kg weight limit
* Notify JALT if tables with heavier weight limits are needed.


600 yen each