JALT2024: Message from Wayne Malcolm about Featured Speaker Workshop Program (Deadline March 31)(sent on March 11, 2024)

Dear Associate Members,

Thank you for your continued and lasting support of JALT. I am writing to you today to make you aware of the opportunity to support professionals seeking active skills development by providing a dynamic workshop facilitator at JALT2024 in Shizuoka. Our featured speaker workshop program has plenty of room open for you to provide such an experience. We are extending our deadline to the end of March, the 31st. Here is a direct link to the featured speaker workshop page: https://jalt.org/node/3925

For JALT’s 50th annual international conference and educational materials exhibition we are returning to The Granship in Shizuoka City. On March 28th from 1400-1600 we are doing an official site visit so we can reorient ourselves to venue and set up a plan that will maximize your exposure, provide us with information that will allow us to create a good schedule for you, and help us organize an exhibition space to enhance access to your latest goods and services. 

This year we are really looking to provide a great experience for all who participate at the international conference. Some tried and true ideas will be implemented, some others will be rethought and reformulated, and some new ones will surely come to the fore. Always in this mix of conference planning we want to know what you are thinking, so while you consider participating in our featured speaker workshop program, do not hesitate to send us your ideas, comments, questions, etc. 

Here is my direct email if you have any questions for me: conference@jalt.org

Of course you can also contact our Associate Member Liaison and Business Manager via am@jalt.org

Finally, and once again, here is the link to our featured speaker workshop page:  https://jalt.org/node/3925

I am looking forward to working with you as we strive to make JALT’s 50th international conference our best ever!!

Be well and stay safe.


Wayne Malcolm
Director of Conference 









大会担当理事 ウェイン・マルコム